The Beginning

In 2012, doctors shared news with the Dyer family about Jacqueline’s health declining quickly due to symptoms from Charcot Marie Tooth Disease.

J 2012.jpg

She was diagnosed with CMT at age 4, a genetic form of neuropathy with no known cure to date. Leading up to 2nd grade, Jacqueline had lost the ability to move almost all parts of her body, causing her to become wheelchair bound by the end of Kindergarten. Like any family with a sudden onset of medical challenges, the Dyer family desired to give Jacqueline all she wanted before it was too late. Their positive attitude and faith in God truly inspired anyone they encountered. With a desire to help, a small idea, and a huge support system, Jacqueline’s school aide at the time, Amanda Borg Sieg, organized a 5K and fun run to raise money to support Jacqueline’s wishes.

Just for j.jpg

The 5K raised over $8,000 in 4 weeks, and Jacqueline chose to use the funds from the event to go on a bucket list trip around the country with her family. She enjoyed visiting places she had always wanted to see and spending time with the people she loved. By the grace of God, Jacqueline is currently living life to the fullest and impacting EVERY life she is a part of. The doctors from 2012 are amazed at how she is defying all odds.

Because of the kindness and support from friends, family, and the community, we were excited to continue Just for J 5K for another year! Jacqueline’s mom, Amanda Dyer, expressed the desire to GIVE BACK to another family in need in our very own community. Jacqueline’s Aunt Emily, Aunt Jen, and Aunt Ashlee all joined in on the planning, and the “J Squad” was born! The event was scheduled for the following year, and blessed a sweet young boy named David to go to a surf camp in California before a major surgery he needed. It was truly amazing to see everyone come together for another year, regardless of if they personally knew David or not.

After seeing the success of the first two years of Just for J 5K, we pursued becoming an official nonprofit organization by applying with the state of Texas! Rayna Anderson, Clare Adams, and Erin Fink joined our team as board members, and our “J Squad” continued to grow as our official charity began. These ladies poured their hearts into helping Just for J, Inc. flourish into what it is today, and wouldn’t be what it is without their time, energy, and support.  Just for J, Inc. was created to keep blessing families in need and we now accept nominations year round for honorary families to receive funds each year. In 2017, we started our Ambassador Program and the "J Squad" began multipyling.  We also branched out to Denver, Colorado where we hold an annual 5K each year to benefit a nominated Colorado family in need. This added our third Amanda, Amanda Collier, to "J Squad" as the race director for the Colorado Just for J 5K.

I truly prayed daily about the path the Lord wanted me to take—and He led me to Jacqueline. Jacqueline and her family have inspired me from the day she rolled in the room, and I can only hope that through Just for J, Inc. we can continue to show others that they too can be brave in challenging situations, give fully to those in need, and inspire others by the way they live their life. Just for J, Inc. has become what it is because of Jacqueline and her family, our amazing team of people, and the genuine support from our friends, family, and community. Our mission is to raise awareness and funds for children with medical challenges, and because of you, we are doing just that!
— Amanda Borg Sieg, Founder and President