2019 Just for J Houston Recipient

February 28th, 2018 changed our lives forever when our 3 year old Robert was in a drowning accident. After a 37 day stay in PICU in Texas Children’s we headed to New Orleans to pursue Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy with Dr. Paul Harch. After 40 "dives" Robert is far beyond where he was expected to be. We were able to do this because of the generosity of friends and family that raised the funds for us since hyperbaric for brain injury is not covered by insurance in the US.

We would like to continue to pursue a variety of therapies, but sadly our insurance doesn’t cover them. It also doesn’t cover Robert’s supplements, diapers, etc.

We left Texas Children’s with a bend in Robert’s back. We were told that there was no hope of him waking up and he would be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. We were also told that without many more medications, multiple surgeries, and many more months in rehab, this bend wouldn’t come out of his back.  

Will (Robert’s Father - a former police diver who was familiar with hyperbaric treatment) was adamant about getting hyperbaric treatment and was convinced that it would help Robert with the position he was in. Immediately upon discharge we headed to New Orleans to see Dr. Harch, LSU School of Medicine, the pediatric hyperbaric specialist in the United States. After two treatments in the chamber Robert’s back straightened.

After three treatments he begin to react to us. He smiled (pictured on left) for the first time 2 hours after his 3rd dive!

After 40 hyperbaric oxygen treatments we left New Orleans with Robert looking like this! Robert got to go to Nevada in October for some special therapies. On our way back we went to the Grand Canyon. God’s provision has been amazing and seeing the glory of His creation was so special.

Robert is still not sitting on his own or walking and talking but we are continuing to fight for him. He will get there! How very blessed we are!- 2019


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