2014 Just for J 5K North Texas Recipient

 David Marion Logan is a typical teen who loves books, movies, music and hanging out. With his earphones around his neck he will ask you what is your favorite song. He is equally comfortable discussing movies with you and is quick to tell you all the production facts of The Wizard of Oz and comparing it to The Wiz. He will quickly jump from Oz to Harry Potter and give you all of the facts about those movies. And he can be equally enthusiastic discussing the latest book in his collection. In fact, you rarely see him without a book in his hand or backpack. 

In his 13 years he has proven himself to be brave and determined and has dealt with his physical difficulties and limitations with a heads up, head on, in-your-face attitude (with good manners, of course). His bravery has clearly been evident from braces and special shoes to correct club feet to countless medical tests, treatments and several surgeries. And his family has no doubt that this forward thinking attitude will remain in place if the suggested kidney removal projected for this summer becomes a reality. All he ever asks is for the doctor, nurse or technician to explain what he/she is going to do. David doesn’t like surprises, or at least not medical surprises. Always the gentleman, he even has a thank you for his nurse after blood is drawn. (The nurses love him!!) Occupational therapy, swim therapy, horseback riding therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, he has had them all and is still receiving OT, swim therapy and speech therapy. 

This year David entered Argyle Middle School (Argyle ISD) and he loves his new school. The caring faculty and the open and friendly student body make him feel welcome and wanted each and every day. He is learning so much and greets each school day with a smile and his own can-do attitude. In his spare time David does Special Olympics basketball and Track (he has many medals). Other interests include baseball and gymnastics. He is also active in his church youth activities. Loves his youth group.

Our family will use the proceeds from Just for J 5K to send David to a surf camp this summer before he has surgery!   -2014