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4th Annual Just For J 5K 
April 30th, 2016


Nomination Form

Each year JUST FOR J, Inc. chooses an honorary family to bless.  If you know a family that is struggling to meet the 
medical needs of one or more of their children fill out our Nomination form below. Nominations are accepted year round. 
For 2017,  Honorary Families for the North Texas 5K will be chosen by February 18, 2017 and for the Denver 5K will be chosen by 
May 18th, 2017.  All nominations made after these dates for each corresponding chapter will be considered for a 2018 honorary family.

Rules and Regulations:
-There is no limit to the number of times a child can be nominated.
-The 5K Honorary Family nomination form is open year round.
-Once a child is chosen as an honorary family they are no longer eligible to be chosen again.
-The child must be under the age of 18 and live in Texas or Colorado to be eligible.
-A child can be nominated as long as they have any medical challenge that impacts their life.